Elo mPOS Printer Stand

Stand for a quick change between POS and customer kiosk

If you are looking for an mPOS system that gives you full flexibility and also wows you when you see it, then Elo’s mPOS printer stand is ideal for you. Combine with it a touchscreen (for example, from the Elo I Series in 10'' or 15''), a 3'' cash printer (like the TSP100II from Star or the TM-T88 from Epson), a scanner or a card reader, and the innovative POS is complete.

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The best thing: thanks to the practical flip-mount, the touchscreen switches effortlessly between the traditional checkout and the customer-centered self-service kiosk. You save space at the checkout counter and offer your customers complete interactivity with one movement. This allows them to complete the payment process on their own, enter several configurations or even use it for digital signatures. Peripheral devices, such as an optional magnetic stripe reader, may also be positioned in both directions as needed. This makes Elo’s mPOS stand an excellent choice for retailers, gastronomers and other users who want to save space while still creating a customer-oriented and versatile POS system.


Elo mPOS Flip Stand, black - (eloxflip)

Elo mPOS Flip Stand, black - (eloiflip)

Elo mPOS Flip Stand, white - (eloiflipw)

Elo mPOS Flip Stand, black - (eloiflip2)


Elo mPOS Printer Stand