Elo open-frame touchmonitors

Touchscreens for integration and kiosks

Elo touchmonitors also include chassis models for applications requiring mounting options, such as rear-mount or panel-mount. The LCD monitors in screen sizes from 30.5 cm to 139.7 cm (12'' to 55'') have a long-lasting product cycle because the enclosure is controlled by Elo specifications. The monitors all feature an injection-molded mini bezel and watertight seal, plus a multitude of mounting options. They come with mounting brackets.

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These monitors instantly grab and hold the user's attention, whether at the checkout counter, a self-service kiosk, or other interactive areas. They are available in a range of industry-leading touch technologies, including IntelliTouch, IntelliTouch Plus and PCAP with the ultimate in optical performance, SecureTouch anti-vandal surface wave for public areas with risk of vandalism and AccuTouch five-wire resistive for industrial and medical applications. The front face is sealed off against dust and liquids. The large widescreen monitors feature a wide viewing angle, brilliant presentation, high contrast and a resolution up to full HD.


Elo 3243L, with side mountings brackets, 81 cm (32''), IT-P, Full HD - (elo3243bitp)

Elo 3243L, 81 cm (32''), Projected Capacitive, 10 TP, Full HD - (elo3243pc)

Elo 4243L, 106.7 cm (42''), IT-P, Full HD - (elo4243i)

Elo 4343L, 106.7 cm (42''), Projected Capacitive, Full HD - (elo4343)

Elo 5543L, 138.6cm (54.6''), Projected Capacitive, Full HD, black - (elo5543)

Elo 2295L, 54.6cm (21.5''), Projected Capacitive, Full HD, black - (elo2295)

Elo 2495L, Projected Capacitive, Full HD - (elo2495)

Elo 2796L, 68,6 cm (27''), Projected Capacitive, Full HD, black - (elo2796)

Elo open-frame touchmonitors